Why Would You Choose To Go For The Lip Augmentation

Lip plumpers or injectibles are the solution for anyone who want to reduce the wrinkles on around their mouth and also give them fuller lips.

The treatment can be done and you are discharged to go home or if need be they can keep you just for a night. However there are some infections or allergic reactions that can arise.

Advancement in age can result in lip loss. Due to the thinning that occurs on the upper lip there is more distance between it and the tip of the nose and also the upper lip get longer as a result of the lip dropping downwards and the frown-like appearance. There is flattening and thinning of the vermilion border or the cupid’s bow. The augmentation process or the lip lifting is expected to give the lips more volume and their fullness should increase to give them either a natural pout or a contour that is attractive like that of the young days.

You will require a surgical lift of the lip so that the area between the upper lip and the nose is shortened. Filler materials that are referred to as collagen as well or injections can be inserted under the skin to achieve support and lift the soft lip for more fullness.

Smokers do greatly benefit from the injections due to the fine lines and wrinkles which come due to the smoking. Upon tightening of the skin around the lip the skin becomes firm and the lips more full. Wrinkles are reduced by tightening the skin around the lips. Wrinkles are removed too. The position of the cigarette causes wrinkles no wonder smokers are the hardest hit by wrinkles around their mouths. A smoker quickens his aging process because he causes poor circulation around the lip and the mouth. However lip injections reduce wrinkles.

The lips of a woman are seen as her sensuality sign. Some have very lips that are very sensual. The lips of a model, and they way are in the photos, and in fashion is very important. Having luscious lips that are natural and beautiful is a dream of some women who since they do not have them apply make up to enhance them. With time the aging process, the sun, smoking and other elements take toll and that previously luscious look diminishes. However today there is help from several medical advances. Aged lips can be revitalized and thin lips improved.

One of the mostly requested cosmetic procedures is the enhancement and rejuvenation of lips. The choices include treatments with laser to synthetic additions and injectable natural fillers. These products are pliable and soft and feel very natural.
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